General Aviation Impact: Nominate FBO Customer Service Representatives and Rising Professionals

2015 awardsNATA is excited to add two new honors to its Industry Excellence Awards Program in acknowledgement of the contributions of FBO customer service representatives (CSRs) and the next generation of aviation business leaders.

We’re calling on our members to help identify individuals whose efforts positively impact the aviation business community and deserve recognition.

FBO Customer Service Representatives play a vital role in facilitating the customer journey and providing service for a diverse customer base. Successful CSRs are constantly coordinating client needs with vendor requirements while meeting organizational performance and safety goals in a high pressure and fast-paced environment. NATA is excited to recognize the valuable impact FBO CSRs have on the success of our industry with the inaugural annual NATA FBO CSR Excellence Award. Any FBO CSR who has completed any of the following: the NATA Certified CSR workshop, online Customer Service, Safety & Security course or the Professional Line Service Training program is eligible to be nominated for this award.

Future Leader Award
NATA seeks to encourage and recognize aviation business professionals who make significant contributions to our industry and serve as guiding lights for the next generation. This award is given to an individual who has shown outstanding promise, passion and professionalism within the general aviation community.

Help NATA recognize individuals that contribute to the success and vitality of the aviation business community, please submit your nominations by March 25, 2019.

For the full list of awards open for nominations, please click here.

Award recipients will be recognized during a June 18th luncheon held in conjunction with the 2019 Annual Meeting and Aviation Business Conference at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC.


NATA Takes Over the Lone Star State at the 2019 Schedulers and Dispatchers

On January 28th, NATA attended the 2019 Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in San Antonio, TX. NATA staff were available to visit with member companies, participate in industry events and answer attendee questions related to Safety 1st, membership, workers compensation insurance programs, events and other association product/service offerings.

NATA also provided two live demos of the upcoming refreshed Safety 1st online program, which provides ground handling training for deicing, customer service, ramp safety aircraft flight coordinator training and other technical training. This in-demand program has been updated using a modernized design with improved features—including administrator capabilities, multiple or custom course tracks, enhanced user interface and more! We’ve turned customers’ feedback into action and now users be able to work with iOS and other web browsers to have access to training. The official release date is March 31, 2019.

The Association co-exhibited with the National Air Transportation Association Compliance Services (NATACS) and CrewID® for the second consecutive year. During this year’s show, NATACS announced its new Director of Security, Joe Dalton, in addition to the new CrewID® integration with the NATA Safety 1st Training Program. On January 30th, an agreement made between the NATA and CrewID® to integrate NATA’s Safety 1st Training Program into CrewID®’s Global Credentialing System. This integration will provide Safety 1st participants online access to real-time eBadges that manage and verify their Safety 1st training credentials, status and company position. Additionally, through this collaboration, Safety 1st and CrewID® will provide Safety 1st participants who have successfully completed their Safety 1st training with a CrewID® badge at no-cost.

NATA also awarded several BIG prizes to show attendees.

  • The winners of our digital business card drawing were Joseph Alarcon, General Manager at Encore Jet and Andrea Cox, Manager at Moore County Airport. We hope you enjoy the fancy iPads that are Safety 1st compatible!
  • Sharlette Wright, Airport Manager of Cleburne Municipal Airport posted a photo with NATA staff on Facebook during the show and won a free registration to our June 17-19 Annual Meeting and Aviation Business Conference in DC.
  • Lastly, the winner of our $200 Visa gift card went to Marissa Shue, Integrated Marketing Manager of GoGo Business Aviation. Thank you for scheduling an appointment and meeting with NATA staff.

If we missed you in San Antonio, follow NATA’s social media accounts to see more highlights and photos from the show!

Also, please feel free to give us a call at 800-808-6282 or email us with your questions at:, or

We’re here to serve YOU and we’ll see you in Charlotte in 2020!



National Air Transportation Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients

Today, NATA announced the 2018 winners of the National Air Transportation Foundation (NATF) scholarships.

NATA awards several scholarships throughout the year to aviation college/university program and flight training students — as well as to association members looking to continue their education.

NATF was accepting applications for: The Pioneers of Flight Scholarship, The Dan L. Meisinger Sr. Memorial Learn to Fly Scholarship, The Navigate Your Future ScholarshipThe Richard L. Taylor Flight Training Scholarship and The NATA Business Scholarship. Multiple awards were available from $1,000 to $2,500 with application deadlines between December of 2018 and June 2019. Further information on each scholarship and how to apply can be found on our scholarship webpage, here.

NATA is proud to have these talented individuals and to support NATA’s efforts in promoting general aviation workforce development. We thank our member companies for their financial contributions to fund our scholarship opportunities each year. We rely significantly on their support to empower the next leaders of our industry. We encourage our members and other aviation businesses to create and implement workforce development plans—as well as answer the call to support organizations such as NATF or fund initiatives within your own community.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to our 2019 applicants!

For more information about on NATF, or to provide a tax deductible donation to the Foundation, please contact Alexandra Connole at


NATA Committees Making an Impact Across the Industry

(Originally published in the Q3 Aviation Business Journal)

There are many ways that NATA members can actively contribute to the association’s efforts throughout the general aviation industry. NATA’s four committees are great examples of how members can help the association make a positive impact on our industry. These groups meet at our annual conferences—the Aviation Business Conference in June and the Aviation Leadership Conference in November—along with several other times during the year. The committees are also great resources for members seeking information or help pertaining to their businesses.
I hope you will feel compelled to reach out to our committee liaisons and their leaders if you are interested in joining, or if you would like assistance with an issue that you are facing. NATA is here to serve the needs of our members, not the other way around. We encourage you to take advantage of all our offerings, including interacting and networking with fellow aviation business professionals and experts.

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me directly at Keep reading below for a description of each of NATA’s committees.

The NATA Airport Business Committee addresses challenges and opportunities faced by businesses operating on an airport, including FBOs, repair stations, charter operators, and other aeronautical service and support operations. The Airport Business Committee includes members also interested in airport business management and environmental issues.
The committee is made up of people who work at aeronautical businesses and are familiar with issues that arise as part of owning and operating that business. As such, committee members are tasked with promoting the interests of the association’s airport businesses by addressing regulatory and legislative issues and industry concerns. The committee members represent the diversity of airport operations by working on a variety of issues, such as: community relations, leasing, minimum standards, environmental, security, miscellaneous business concerns, and regulatory compliance issues.

The committee is currently developing a NATA FBO Management Certification Program; issuing proposed guidance changes to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 409 – Standard on Aircraft Hangars; and conducting the NATA 2018 Compensation Survey.

The Airport Business Committees Staff Liaison is Megan Eisenstein, Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs,

The NATA Air Charter Committee is focused on issues affecting Part 135 on-demand charter and Part 91K operations. The group is tasked with promoting the interests of the association’s members that hold on-demand Part 135 air carrier certificates by addressing regulatory and legislative issues and industry concerns. The committee members represent the diversity of operations found under the Part 135 regulations and include operators of a range of aircraft from large turbine-powered business jets, to small single-engine, piston-powered airplanes, and helicopters.

The committee and the Part 135 industry in general, are overwhelmingly comprised of small businesses as defined by the Small Business Administration.
This year, the committee formed the NATA Illegal Charter Task Force subcommittee to combat illegal charter, addressing a growing concern among members and industry. This initiative reinforces the association’s ongoing efforts in opposing a serious threat to air charter and the public that is often difficult to identify due to the use of deceptive and convoluted agreements. To read more about this initiative, visit

The Air Charter Committee’s staff liaison is Jacqueline Rosser, NATA’s Senior Advisor of Regulatory Affairs (Air Charter), who can be reached at

The Aircraft Maintenance and Systems Technology Committee is involved with issues affecting aircraft maintenance and certificated repair stations. The committee promotes the interests of the association’s members relative to aviation maintenance, repair stations and aviation technology. It works in a cooperative and constructive manner with Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration in the monitoring and promulgation of regulatory and legislative language and procedures affecting aviation maintenance and operations. To do this, the committee studies and recommends policy concerning existing and proposed aircraft maintenance regulations and legislation, and participates in sessions with appropriate legislative and regulatory agencies to express the needs and views of association members. In addition, the committee recommends and arranges programs on issues pertinent to its objectives for association meetings and annual conferences.

Staff support is provided by the committee to assist in the role of policy development, conduct research, maintain contact with appropriate legislative and regulatory entities, develop responses to legislative and regulatory proposals and provide administrative support. Current issues of the committee include Part 145 compliance, DRVSM, national air tour safety standards (NPRM), the Part 135 rewrite, Draft AC 147, Draft AC 43-FAB, recommendations for the NATA annual maintenance award and ELTs.

Carol Giles, NATA’s Senior Advisor of Regulatory Affairs
(Maintenance), is the staff liaison,

The Safety Committee provides input and advice on NATA’s highly successful Safety 1st programs and other safety initiatives. The committee reviews and examines issues impacting safety across the association membership and works to identify possible solutions or mitigations to industry-wide problems. The NATA Safety Committee was instrumental in launching the NATA Ground Handling Safety Symposium and is currently investigating options for increasing the use of shared safety data across our industry.

NATA recently held its second annual Ground Handling Safety Symposium, made possible by the Safety Committee, in September 2018 in Ashburn, VA. The Symposium is a two-day event with the goal of promoting safety at FBOs and other general aviation ground handling businesses and operations.

NATA’s Managing Director of Safety and Training Michael France is the Safety Committee’s staff liaison,

NATA Works to Inspire the Next Generation

The following blog entry comes from our 2018 Summer Intern Michael Paul who was instrumental in helping NATA with several major projects, including the preparation and execution of our successful Annual Meeting and Aviation Business Conference. NATA appreciates Michael’s hard work and dedication. We encourage other students or young professionals starting out in the workforce to consider an internship with NATA, one of our member companies or other general aviation partner to gain perspective on an exciting and highly rewarding industry.

By Michael Paul, NATA 2018 Summer Intern

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) held its Annual Meeting and Aviation Business Conference (ABC) from June 12th to June 14th in Washington, DC. With the highest turnout for the ABC recorded this year, naturally, there was a lot of work involved. As a new intern with NATA, having started just two weeks before the ABC, I was thrown right into the thick of things to help make sure the conference ran smoothly and exceeded expectations.

Prior to the conference, the NATA office was busy, to say the least. As an intern, I was in the middle of it all, creating presentations, writing scripts, contacting attendees and assisting with other administrative duties in preparation. It seemed like the week never stopped, and when the ABC finally came, it was truly rewarding to see all of the hard work play out. There is nothing more satisfying than to know that your own efforts have not been wasted, and I know that all of my work so far with NATA has been important and crucial to its accomplishments.

During the ABC, I had some time to experience the conference when I was not working, allowing me to sit in on panels and hear from speakers who are widely influential in the aviation business industry. Listening to Ali Bahrami, the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety for the Federal Aviation Administration speak about safety triumphs and goals for aviation, amongst many other speakers, proved to be a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge about the industry. I was able to hear from and interact with individuals from a variety of different businesses and organizations, engaging in dialogue and learning much more than I ever could in a classroom.

My experience did not stop there, however. Through the conference, I was able to have a voice on Capitol Hill, meeting with the offices for both Virginia senators (Tim Kaine and Mark Warner) to discuss issues impacting aviation. With matters covering FAA reauthorization and the aviation workforce shortage, amongst others, I am confident that my interaction assisted in bringing these issues to light and made a difference in the industry.

There was truly was no better time to begin an internship with NATA. Being so involved with the ABC was a fantastic opportunity to enhance my knowledge and network with aviation professionals. I can confidently say that my work has made an impact and it has been a very rewarding few weeks as I witnessed the value of my work unfold. With such a successful conference this year, I can only imagine what will be accomplished next year and years to come.

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NATA Now: Get Acquainted with Us

Founded in 1940, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) represents the interests of the general aviation business community before Congress and federal, state and local government agencies.

Our membership consists of nearly 2,300-member companies who provide a broad range of services to the aviation community, including: aircraft sales and acquisitions, fuel, aircraft ground support, passenger and crew services,  air charter, aircraft rental, flight training, aircraft maintenance and overhaul facilities, business aircraft and fractional ownership fleet management, and more.

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